Meet Misty

I am a full-time working momma with 2 kids who lives in the country- one red light town kind of country. Although I am a country girl I have a love for the city which creates a bit of a problem.

I've  had an obsession with Crocodile Dundee since I was a young girl and growing up always said I wanted to marry him. Well, I got pretty close with my Hunky Outdoorsy Husband, minus the Aussie/crocodile part.

I am always running between work, kids and play so I blog when I can-which honestly is not very often. My photos are mostly from my i-phone and I am pretty open about my adventures. I wish I had the time and skill set to create the beautiful blogs I stalk follow. What you see here is true life from a country girl. So kick off your shoes and stay awhile. You never know what's going to appear on this little blog of mine. I'm learning simplicity is KEY.

Random things about me.
  1. I am addicted to Carmex chapstick, coffee and chocolate.
  2. I am the youngest of 3 and only girl- just a little spoiled.
  3. I am a cancer.
  4. I love living in the south. My town has 1 intersection and a 1 mile radius. (seriously small-town y'all)
  5. I am an organized procrastinator.
  6. I love the water. 
  7. Christmas is my favorite time of year, fall is a close second. I start listening to Christmas Carols after Halloween.
  8. I don't mind getting dirty. I can change my own tire and oil in my car IF I needed to.
  9. I am saved by my Lord & Savior (feel free to ask me about Him) and realize that I am a daily sinner.
  10. I use to compete in the NPC in the bikini division.
  11. I love working out and like to lift heavy in the gym.
  12. I transpose numbers frequently. My husband just loves this as he balances the checkbook to the penny. #sarcasm
  13. I enjoy both hunting and shopping!
  14. I'm a momma who works full-time.
  15. I don't like when people make excuses.
  16. I enjoy making things pretty and laughing as much as possible.
  17. I've been able to cook pretty much everything I've ever attempted EXCEPT for homemade biscuits. #southernfail
  18. I graduated High School with a class of 30.
  19. I am blessed to be married to a man I can call my friend. He is truly awesome.
  20. I'm not the greatest at playing sports but I love some college football. Roll Tide!
  21. My awesome husband has one flaw- he's an auburn fan. #housedivided
  22. I have an obsession with red hair!
  23. Blessed beyond measure with great Family & Friends.

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