Friday, September 23, 2016

Isla: Months 1, 2 and 3

Our little girl is already 3 months and time is flying by even faster with our second. Isla has been a different baby from the start. Even though I know we shouldn't we always find ourselves comparing her to our first time around with Sawyer. Oops.

Isla has been a talker since she entered this world. She would make grunts and mumbles and sounds at night time that would keep us awake. We finally found the Dock-A-Tot and she sleeps so much better at night. She nurses beside me when she gets hungry during the night which keeps this mama well rested, or well rested as a mom can be, lol. Isla nurses pretty good and was introduced a bottle about week 5. She was ok with the transition between boob and bottle but I think she prefers a bottle during the day and the boob at night. 

Little Miss outgrew her newborn diapers in a few weeks and has been in a size 2 since July. She is currently in 3-6 month clothes and has been since half way through month 2. She is a healthy baby like her brother.

This little girl is the sweetest baby at times but OH MY GOSH can she flip. She has colic and major gas. We have been through the ringer with this gal. We were finally introduced to the Gerber Soothe drops and life has been completely different since. After about 3 days on the drops she was a different baby. She still gets a little fussy at night time so she takes her gas relief drops and is a happy camper. 

Isla loves to lay and nap on her tummy, with supervision of course. She is a curious little thing and always wants to see what's going on. Our fiesty girl started raising her head quick. Megan, our wonderful pohotographer, was positioning her for pictures and little miss priss picked her head up and turned it the other direction on her. She started raising her head from the second week and enjoys watching brother play while she lays on her playmat.

Life is completely different with 2 versus 1. I didn't realize just how much time I actually had with 1 now that we have 2. However, I would not trade the chaos and craziness for anything.  Stay tuned things are getting interesting up in here.

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