Monday, February 15, 2016

Make the Most of It

This was one of those rare mornings where my husbands alarm clock goes off but mine does not because it's a holiday for me. Whoop whoop!! No work, lazy day!! (sort of-lazy days since becoming a mom is completely different than before children) I lay there in bed quietly chatting with my husband as he is getting ready thinking, "I will see him off and then catch another hour or so of sleep before wildcat wakes up." Yeah, no. It's not long till I hear the jostling in his crib through the monitor on the night stand. I look over at the square screen and know what's going to follow next. On cue comes, "maaa", "momma, maa"! We were not quiet enough. Our little man is awake. Sure, I could get aggravated in this moment but instead I realize that this is a good thing as wildcat can see his daddy and give him hugs before he leaves for the week. And that's exactly what we do.

Hugs are given, kisses are exchanged and the Hubs asks Sawyer if he is going to get back in bed with mommy and he says yes. Score! I will get in a little more sleep anyway. Until- until I open my big mouth and tell daddy that we are going to make pancakes later in the morning before we go run errands. That one word was all it took. At the sound of pancakes wildcat was scooting off the bed and headed for the kitchen. Great, it's 5:30 and my child is wanting me to start breakfast, so long sleep. Oh well, more time we can see daddy before he's out the door. The Hubs is laughing at this point and Sawyer is in the kitchen demanding my presence as he points up to the mixing bowl on the counter. I'm just trying to find my robe and glasses and finally empty my pregnant lady bladder. More hugs are given and we see daddy off for the week.  I'm about to gear up for pancake batter and milk mixing when wildcat puts his head on my shoulder. "Do you want to go lay back down in mommy's bed", I ask? I receive a nodding confirmation. AWESOME!! "We can do that little buddy." To mommy's bed we go.

Wildcat has always been somewhat of a snuggle bug since he was a little babe. When I ask if he wants to lay close to mommy and cuddle up that is exactly what he does. As he lay there fidgeting with his eyes wide open I gave thanks to the Lord for moments and mornings like this. Indeed, it was in no way as I had imagined or hoped it would play out, but in actuality, it was even better. I realize that I will not always have these moments. My son will not always want to snuggle up with me and will not always wake up calling for me. He will not always care that mommy is going to make him pancakes for breakfast or that he can go back to sleep in mommy's bed. We will soon have another child in the mix so who knows what that will bring. But I want to make the most of life, of all His blessings no matter how small they may seem. So as I lay there, while Sawyer drifted back to sleep, I took it all in. His hair, his snuggles, his breathing, his touch on my hand and thanked our Heavenly Father for all of it. We never know what the next moment may bring or take away so give thanks and enjoy it. Sawyer was soon in a sweet slumber but mamma was now wide awake. What else can you do but continue to make the most of it and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in a quiet house.

Here's to starting your week off on a positive note. No matter how your day is playing out, make the most of it.

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