Saturday, January 16, 2016

It's a GIRL!

AHHHHHH!!!!! We are having a girl! I cannot believe it. I still wake up in the middle of the night excited thinking about all the girl stuff I get to  plan/do. I just knew we were going to have a house full of boys since it is nothing but boys on my husbands side of the family.

We decided in late October we would secretly have a gender ultrasound done the week of Christmas, since I would be 17 weeks. Whatever the result we were going to buy a pink or blue baby outfit and wrap it up for our moms to open on Christmas morning. What a gift, right?

The day of the ultrasound came and as we were sitting in the lobby waiting to be called back I started googling. (this is a habitual thing for me) I was freaking that we were too early and they wouldn't be able to tell or what if the baby was positioned so you couldn't see....anyway you get the point. But I stumbled upon a site that talked about the white lines. I had never heard of white lines indicating the sex of your child. It was interesting and just as I was in the midst of this article we were called back.

My husband was seated in the chair and I was on the table of course and the ultrasound tech (love this tech. she is awesome) was positioned between us. She knew we had a little boy at home and what our plans were for the Christmas surprise and that we wanted to see the ultrasound ourselves. She began and we could all see perfectly our little baby and she definitely had a view of the gender. However, I had no idea what we were looking at. I just kept thinking, "she hasn't said boy yet, she hasn't said boy yet". Then she made the comment, "I can tell but I'm just trying to get a good picture for you guys." As she was moving about and our baby was going across the screen my husband made the comment "looks like a boy to me". "How did he know" I thought. I can't tell anything. I never took my eyes of the screen and was yet again thinking, "she hasn't said boy yet, she hasn't said boy yet." Then she froze the image and said "do you see those three little dots there? or three little lines?" At this point I couldn't remember from the article if 2 lines were girl and 3 were boy or vice versa. But the very next sentence out of the techs mouth was, "It's a girl." Boom! Explosion of excitement from mom and disbelief from dad. I think his words were "no way!" and mine were "are you serious!?". I cannot tell you how giddy I was and how shocked Brett was. We were going to have a little girl and Brett's parents were going to be just as shocked.

We were off to buy her first little outfit to wrap up for Christmas morning. I could tell Brett was freaking out a little. He kept saying, "man, I'm going to be broke".

Christmas morning was exciting. Both moms got to open the gift and were tickled. Brett's mom wanted to know when we would be able to confirm that it was a girl since it's been nothing but boys. I told her we go back at 20 weeks but they were pretty certain it's a girl. We know a couple recently that thought they were having a girl but when delivery came she was indeed a he. Yikes! Brett's mom attends church with the girls mom and she now has Brett's mom concerned.

My 20 week ultrasound still showed a healthy baby girl so we are moving ahead with all the girly plans. I'm in the process of putting together design ideas for her nursery. We also have a name, Isla Kate. Most likely we will use the double name as well. I know, how southern, right? Well that's actually what we were going for.

I will have my 20 week bump post up soon and once I finish Isla Kate's nursery design board I will post that too. I've already changed the design twice.

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday.

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