Thursday, September 17, 2015

Monkey Wrenches, Lemons and Curve Balls

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls and monkey wrenches and handing us lemons when we least need them. 

Like when I took the day off to prep for Sawyer's first birthday and we found our self at the pediatrician's office instead.
Or when you have full intentions of getting up and out the door so you are actually "on time" for church but your little one decides not to go down for his morning nap so everything is off schedule.
Or you wake up early before work so you can enjoy that cup of coffee but end up spraying hairspray directly into your eye (don't ask).
Or when you think you are pregnant and that little stick says you're pregnant but when you go for your ultrasound the sac is empty. 

Yeah, it all sucks. But you know what? Ya just got to deal. What's the point in wallowing in worry? Sure, you may feel better momentarily, but then what? You can't change it. It's already happened. So you know what you do? You figure out how to deal with what's been dealt, praise the Lord for the blessings that you have and push forward.
Life can get hard and is often crazy and just does not make sense from time to time but you are not alone. We have all had curve balls thrown our way. How we deal with it is up to us. How you react to the situation is always your choice. Don't sweat it my friends. Pick yourself up, dry your eyes, brush off the dirt and keep on going because you can bet there will be more lemons down the road. But next you will have the vodka ready.

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