Thursday, September 24, 2015

Currently: Sept. 2015

Hey y'all!

I came across this little survey on Carrots & Cake and wanted to share. I've been away for awhile, shocker there, so I thought I would let you know what I've been up to this September. 

Current Celebration:
The birth of my best friends son, Hawkins. He is just precious.

Current Confession:
I can't wait for Scandal this Thursday!!!!

Current Product
Loving my new concealer that came in my September Birchbox.

Current Plan
To start my food journal again and clean my diet up.

Current Book
Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Current Purchase
Black wedge booties for FALL!

Current Drink
I'm on a green tea kick. Found a Lingonberry Green Tea at World Market that is oh so tasty.

Current Holy Moly
I am so out of shape. I went running with Sawyer the other day and Holy Moly I about died, but I didn't. Just always push through.

Current Show
Witches of East End on Netflix. Almost done with it and super sad that they canceled the show *tear.

Current Want
Pair of AG jeans. I keep going to make the purchase but never pull the trigger.

Current Obsession
Anything FALL! I love fall but unfortunately here in South Alabama we don't get very much of a fall season. It stays hot here into November.

What are you currently into? Feel free to share in the comments or post elsewhere. 

Below are a few action shots of Sawyer. I love that he is such a boy even when I don't. This kid keeps me on my toes, but don't they all? I wouldn't trade being his mommy for anything in the world. I'm sure you feel the same about your kiddos. Hope you guys have a great one.

Playing with Drake or I should say trying to throw the Frisbee for Drake before Drake takes it away from him. One day the roles will switch.

 This kid loves to read. This was taken last Saturday during the Auburn game that we do not discuss and right before the Alabama game that is not to be mentioned. If you don't know what I'm talking about then it doesn't matter to you.

Hamming it up. I never know what reaction I'm going to get out of this kid when a camera is brought around. Smiles, total seriousness or above.

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