Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Media Minded Mom

As I was driving home the other day I passed a mom and daughter playing in their yard. The sweet little girl was riding her pretty pink bike complete with training wheels and a girly helmet with blonde hair underneath. She was riding around in circles with the biggest grin on her face. Then I noticed she was looking up at her mom in what looked to me like she had accomplished something or was waiting on her mom to say something kind or approving to her daughter. But her mom was looking down at her cell phone. And that's when the thought ran across my mind, "oh dear God, is that me?". Now I don't know for certain the situation, that mom could have been checking a text from her older child or getting a message from her husband saying he was on the way home or going to be late, I don't know. But in this social media crazy world it made me wonder just how much is too much when it comes to your real life vs. social media.

My husband tells me all the time that I am addicted to my cell phone and that I am always "peckin" on it. I believe his exact words were, "Peckin. You're always peck, peck, peckin on that thing." In my defense I use my cell phone to take pictures more than I use my DSLR so I always want to keep it on me and yes, I do get a lot of texts but the vast majority is family checking in or asking about Sawyer. However, there have been times where I've caught myself scrolling through Instagram or reading blog posts when I should have been in the moment. I just wonder and worry if we are so focused on sharing our life with others on social media that we don't actually live it at times.

Growing up our parents didn't have cell phones in their back pocket, so when we were outside playing together, we were outside playing. They weren't worried about snapping a picture to remember the moment, they were in the moment, living it with us and we had the memory to call upon when needed. Perhaps I'm over thinking things but in that instant, seeing that girl look up at her mom with want and the mom respond with her face buried in the phone made my heart hurt, ya know.

Wouldn't it be awful if our kids look back to those moments and remember mommy being glued to her phone rather than actually playing with them? I don't ever want Sawyer to feel this way or have those thoughts, ever.

With all that said I have decided that, while I will keep my phone near me, I will make a conscious effort to keep it out of my hands and on silent unless necessary when we are spending time together.

As great as technology is, the last thing I want or need is some stupid device to come between me and my family.

What are your thoughts? Do you find it hard to not be a media minded mom? Do you set limits on your social media usage? I'd love to here your thoughts on this topic.

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