Monday, May 11, 2015

Sawyer: 10 & 11 months

As I rocked Sawyer to sleep the past couple weeks I would think, "crap, I still haven't posted his 10 & 11 month info". Yet as soon as he was asleep and I walked out of his room it was gone from my mind as I began my million and one things to get done before I could actually go to sleep for the night. FINALLY I've stopped to get it done before everything has completely left my mind.

The past 4 months have flown by. January, February, March and April have come and gone and I can't believe how much our Wildcat has grown. Here we go. My re-cap.

10 Months
We began cutting 4 teeth at once- yeah, fun! There went my nights of getting rest. He was cutting the top 2 and bottom 2 next to the center 4 that were already there. Puffs were still a favorite. He actually preferred them for dinner. We began trying to get him to use sippy cups, not so successful as he didn't understand he has to tilt his head back. I found a sippy cup with a soft straw and he took to it with ease. Wildcat also started pulling up on the couch that resulted in several spills along the way. He couldn't be more content than when outside. Bath time is one of his favorites. He loves to splash and stick his toy letters and numbers on the tub wall.  He was wearing 12-18 month clothing at this time and I began the process of looking for shoes he could learn to walk in.


11 Months
The teeth are in and sleep is getting back to normal. The pulling up has progressed to walking along the sofa. He is obsessed with cars and trucks and the vehicles that drive past our house. He could literally spend all day outside watching them pass by. Paw-paw takes him down to the pond and he watches the dogs retrieve during the day. Tec the Tractor is his favorite show. He still loves to read and likes to watch the counting and colors on the baby channel as well. Brett takes him out on the Polaris and for short rides around the yard on the K5 and Wildcat is in heaven! Nothing else is on his radar when he is in his daddy's lap cruising. He is still wearing 12-18 month clothing and will say ba baba baba which means he wants his bottle. He likes to eat what you are eating and apparently enjoys chips- salt and vinegar at that, can you believe it? But puffs are still his number one.

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