Thursday, April 9, 2015

How to Save $ on Diapers

Where I live does not offer an abundance of shopping. I'd say there are 10-20 chicken houses for every store that you could shop at in my county. There are a total of 3 grocery stores and none of these are a large chain grocer either. Again, not an abundance of shopping options in our area. I have, however, found a great solution that saves you money in the process. I have my diapers delivered to me through auto-ship feature.

I have my order set-up on and every 3 weeks I have diapers sitting on my doorstep when I get home. No running out of diapers or last minute trips to the store because you realize your supply is low.

Every 3 weeks you say? That won't work for you? Well, all you have to do is adjust how often you want your shipment delivered. It took me about 2 months to determine I would need a shipment every 3 weeks in order to not run out or to avoid excess. The great thing with is you can log on at anytime and tweak your order in numerous ways.
  • change the ship date: choose an earlier or later ship date
  • toss in one time only items: these are items you want for just this shipment and don't need them sent regularly
  • add an item to your auto-ship: need to get wipes regularly, add them to your order and they will arrive like clockwork
  • remove an item from your autoship: no longer need those wipes, just remove them.
Another great thing about using auto-ship is you get discounts for simply using the feature itself. And constantly offers ecoupons along with your auto-ship discount. Just be sure you click the box next to the ecoupon so it is applied. I have yet to find a better deal on diapers. I do want to say that we strictly use Pampers Swaddlers so I can't speak for other brands but it would not take much to log on to the site and check the prices to give you a comparison for what you normally purchase. Even when SAMs has the swaddlers on sale they still are more than what I pay on for the amount I order. Below are a few images from my auto-ship to help you understand how the process works.

This is what you will first see when you open your autoship order. You can even create more than one autoship. For example: one for diapers and wipes and the other for feeding. Your totals are in the top right corner and all your discounts/promotions are below. You have the option to change your delivery date in the center or you can skip the entire shipment if you don't need it. Again I have mine set to be delivered every 3 weeks.

The orange button at the top right of the image below is available for one time items only. If you click this button it will direct you back to main page so you can shop for items to be included on your next auto-ship order. When sopping be sure to add it to your auto-ship order and not your cart. I have used this option several times especially when I knew I had a shower or birthday party coming up or if Sawyer needed something and I didn't have time to make a trip to get it.
You can see that I have 3 items in my next delivery, the case of wipes, the hand & face wipes and the case of diapers. My shipment always contains the case of diapers and at least 1 type of wipe. You can see other items int he next image that I regularly receive but don't need them every single shipment.

I usually get the Burt's Bees Face & Hand Wipes but decided to try the Johnson & Johnson this round. I went ahead and added them to my auto-ship to receive the discount but if I don't like them I can simply log in to my account, click on my auto-ship and change the quantity to zero and they will be removed form my auto-ship  so I don't receive them again. Likewise if I prefer them over the Burt's Bees I can do the same for that item. Since I don't need a case of wipes every 3 weeks I have the (3) travel pack as an option to rotate as well. I keep this type in my diaper bags and use the refills in a box that stays in the top drawer of Sawyers changing table.

I hope this helps any of you mommas or soon-to-be mommas out there. is such a great site and the customer service is unbelievable. I accidentally order the size 1 instead of the size 3 and they were beyond helpful. It was a live person that I talked with and he spoke clearly & politely. He even had patience with me while I ran to the crib because Sawyer started crying. They sent me the correct item the next day and even sent me a HADNWRITTEN note thanking me for allowing them to assist me, I mean come on, how often does that happen.

I know several who swear by the Target brand and stock up when they go on sale. But, we have had the best luck with the Swaddlers. I will say I do like the Honest Company diapers and Luvs. You just got to figure out what works for your kiddo.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Or if you have any other suggestions on how to save on diapering fire away.

Bless all you mommas out there. You are fabulous! Have a great one.

*I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. I live in AL so prices may vary upon where you reside.

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