Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Who What Wear Wednesday

Mila Kunis, Asthon Kutcher & Baby Wyatt. Are they not just the cutest?
I'm not sold on the whole Wyatt for a little girl but I LOVE the name. It's a name we had picked out if our second child is a little boy. But I've also heard of people using Sawyer as a little girls name too. To each his own, I say.

Ashton Kutcher's mission to find an establishment that offers a changing table in the men's restroom, besides an airport. #bethechange I love this idea!

Baby Shoes! Seriously, it doesn't matter what they look like baby shoes are so freaking adorable. Ok, maybe it does matter a little what they look like but you see what I'm saying. Wildcat is starting to walk so I am trying to find a great pair that he can learn to walk in and not hinder him from becoming mobile. This is something bitter sweet for us since we know he will be on-the-go ALWAYS and our life will become even more chaotic. Oh joys of raising a babe! I've decided to give Robeez a go and see how they work for us. They even offer a printable measuring chart with instructions so you know exactly which size to order. Below are a few options I am purchasing.

 P.s- measuring a baby's foot is very challenging. Good Luck.

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