Thursday, March 5, 2015

Planning a 1st Birthday: Inspiration

THIS MONTH we will have a 1 year old on our hands. Seriously? It's been a year? sigh. I've been  gearing up and planning his little soiree. My husband keeps threatening me that if it gets out of hand we won't have one at all. lol He says it's ridiculous to spend an outrageous amount of money on a birthday the kid won't even remember. I totally agree but I still want it to be a nice get together so I'm planning a low key event that is beautiful and easy to put together, yet fun for all. Who wants to go to a party where a kid can't be a kid anyway? 

I'm still in the early phases but just wanted to share with y'all my inspiration for his 1 year low key fete. We are doing a Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit theme and are hoping to have it outdoors in our backyard. March in south Alabama can call for 80 degree weather or snow! For example, yesterday the high was 77 degrees in my hometown but the northern part of the state was on alert for freezing rain and ice! I'm keeping my options open.
I created a pinterest board just for the event. Please feel free to check it out HERE.

Below are a few images from other Peter Rabbit events that I thought were pretty good and have pulled a few ideas from. Check em out. 

Peter Rabbit Party - Decor 

Hello! Happiness: Caroline's 1st Birthday Party Recap 

Pin the Tail on the Bunny - free printable. 
Beatrix Potter Spring Garden Party via Kara's Party Ideas - Baby Boy 

Beatrix Potter Inspired Easter Party, photo by Kate LeSueur 

Peter Rabbit Party - Wheelbarrow for drinks

What other Peter Rabbit ideas do you have? I'm really struggling to come up with an idea for party favors. Have a great one.

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