Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Who What Wear Wednesday

Welcome to today's Who What Wear - Scandal Edition. Yeah, I know I'm late to the party but let me explain. I know Scandal has been all over the place and is a hot TV Show but I never jumped on the band wagon. The only thing I knew about the show was pieces I would hear on the news, awards shows, etc. I had heard all they hype and thought it was an interesting show I would enjoy watching but since I was already so late to the party I decided I just wouldn't go. (and I really didn't need another TV show to become addicted to bc I really don't have time to sit on my butt) Well, in my attempt to rent a movie for free last weekend I signed up for Netflix, you see the first month they don't charge you. Yeah, I like to save anyway I can. So, after roughly 10 minutes of signing up, entering all the data, yada yada- they did not have the friggin movie I wanted. Yeah, you heard me. Determined not to let my months free subscription go to waste I searched through the TV shows and happened to come across Scandal and y'all, I have been addicted since. It's lame, but I can't wait to get Saw-man to bed and sit down to pump and get my Scandal fix-seriously. Anywho, since this is what I'm currently obsessing over I'm dedicating today's W.W.W. to Scandal.

WHO: Olivia Pope
Because she always, for the most part, always has her stuff together. I mean, I know some of this stuff isn't realistic (hello you do not look that put together after being up for 20hours+ and there is no way they could possibly function on the amount of sleep the show perceives) but dang it motivates me to get things done. Uh, she's a don't take no, never stop, ruthless, determined, brilliant woman. I like that. I wish I worked with someone like her on a daily basis. Kerry Washington is fabulous in this role.

WHAT: Scandal
If you are also late to the party don't miss this one. It's worth it. This show keeps you on the edge of your seat and is genuinely entertaining. Plus you don't have to wait till the next week to find out what happens. Bouns, if you watch on NETFLIX, No Commercials!! I love it.


WEAR: Olivia Pope's Wardrobe
Again, this is a little late but she is still always on point. Even when I didn't watch the show I knew the character could dress. Just google Olivia Pope fashion and you will see tons and tons of posts, pinterest boards, articles and magazines with her image all over it. She is def a style icon. Before we go, let's not forget the beautiful Kerry Washington herself who as I mentioned above does a wonderful job at bringing The Olivia Pope to life. Kerry can pull off some amazing looks on the show however she has a fierce sense of style all her own off the set as well. Plus she's a smokin' hot momma.


P.s.- I'm still on the first season so don't say anything that will ruin it for me, k? Happy Hump Day folks.

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