Monday, January 5, 2015

Sawyer: 9 months

I think this picture is absolutely adorable and hilarious. This is Sawyer on Christmas morning. He had just got up from a quick morning siesta and was about to open presents. Since his 9 month mark fell on Christmas I didn't take a "posed" 9 month picture due to all the hustle and bustle. I thought this was just perfect as it captured him in the moment and it's just too precious. I'm sure he will love me for it someday, right? 

His check-up went great and we had more tears this go around when it came time for the shots. I think this was largely because he had not had a good nap, it took the nurse forever to actually come in and administer the shots and it was hot as Hades in the room, the temp that day reached the upper 60's and sunny. But he was just fine not long after, true trooper. He is 23 pounds and 29 inches long and one healthy boy.

Christmas was so much fun for our little saw-man and since then he has been crawling up a storm. He is all over the house and quickly trying to figure out how to get into everything. Drawers have been pulled open and cabinets have been peered into. Not only has the crawling taken off but he has also started trying to pull up, yeah REALLY not in a hurry for that. I'm sure he will take his time getting there as Sawyer moves at his own pace but oh boy when he gets upright and going on his own it's going to be an entirely different level for this family. Sawyer's dad and brother were into everything and on the go constantly so I'm looking forward to many adventures that include dirt, scrapes, blood, tears and trips to the ER, yeah you heard me. Like I said they were into everything.

Talking, babbling, screaming & WILDCATTING is heard on a pretty regular basis. We have a couple friend that has a 3 year old and he is all boy all the time, he NEVER slows down and when he is around, Sawyer thinks he is hilarious and can do whatever he is doing, help us. We can already see that his tantrums are going to involve bowing his back and throwing his head back. So much fun already. 

He is still sleeping through the night and the nap schedule was thrown off pretty good a few weeks before Christmas. We were trying to get him to nap in his pack-n-play and not in his Gigi's arms. (she keeps him during the day) However as of yesterday (knock on wood, cross your fingers) we figured out a routine to get him to nap in his crib for about 30-45 minutes. I'm hoping we can continue this at Gigi's house. We just bought a brand new crib for him to nap in there. I found a great deal on amazon for $99.00. I'm a prime member so I got it in 2 days with free shipping. It looks great and the color is so pretty. You can find it by clicking, here. This is in sunshine which is also a pretty color but we ordered the lagoon color which I don't see available at the present moment. Anywho the crib should help Gigi with her back (hello she was lowering 23 pounds of dead sleeping weight into a pack-n-play, ouch) and help Sawyer nap better.

Baby channel is still a fav. That's the only TV he really watches. We bought him a play i-phone for Christmas which was a hit but he still loves ours. He has developed this little "yes" head nod motion which is pretty funny to watch. He is all the time clapping or banging together blocks or any type objects he can get his hands on. Bath time is fun, he is also obsessed with the bathroom. I have already had to fish out one of his blocks that he chucked in the toilet. He also enjoys throwing things.

He is growing up so fast and I am enjoying every minute of it. Even when I have my own tantrums in the kitchen because he won't nap and I'm at my wits end, I am still thankful for that little wildcat. I don't know what this mommy would do without him.

P.s.- it's still weird to be referenced "mommy"

Happy Monday. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

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