Monday, January 26, 2015

Reset Button

Sawyer and I have both been sick this past week and he is cutting 4 teeth at one time. Oh what fun.

Sometimes I could really use a reset button. When the shit seems to hit the fan wouldn't it be nice to just hit that button and go at things a different way. Or when you wake up and from the time your feet hit the floor things just aren't going in your favor wouldn't it be nice to hit that reset button? Or when the baby is constantly crying and you are ready to pull your hair out you could just slap that reset button and be fresh as a daisy, not minding the crying at all. Or when your co-worker is on your last nerve or when your stressed to the max or when someone has pissed you off wouldn't it just be glorious to have that reset button on hand to make everything all better. Too bad this isn't reality. Until then I will just continue to count to 3 and pray to the good Lord to give me patience and hold my tongue. It's been one of those weeks. However, I'm staying positive and predicting this to be a fantastic week. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday where you don't even need to think about a reset button. 

How about another mother/son selfie. Notice all the clothes piled up behind us. Yeah, there are those days where crap just doesn't get done like you want....
P.S.- what you can't tell in this pic is that not only am I holding wildcat and taking a selfie but I am also pumping. A mom's gotta be able to multitask, right?

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