Friday, January 30, 2015

February 2015 {1 Photo} Challenge

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Photo-A-Day on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other Social Media 

I stumbled upon this challenge and wanted to share. I don't normally participate in these type things but thought that it would be simple enough to complete. I will be using my iphone and posting to Instagram. Join in on the fun. Click the image for details.  February is knocking on our door. Can you believe the first month of the year is almost behind us? Hope y'all have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mommy Meltdown

This mommy business is tough. Seriously, if you think it's all mushy moments filled with love and adoration or splendidly rewarding 24/7 you are dead wrong. I have never been challenged so much emotionally, physically or mentally in my entire life and I only have 1 child who has only been in existence for the past 10 months, yeah that's right.

To affirm the above paragraph I found myself in the kitchen having my own temper tantrum over the holidays- like total melt down. Baby screaming, me screaming, it' wasn't pretty and I'm not proud of it but I'm being honest here. I work a full-time job and my commute one-way is 1 hour and 15 minutes. That's 2.5hours on the road each day and hubby, for the most part, isn't at home to help at night. (b/c of his job not b/c he is a flake) Add all that up and it doesn't leave much spare time to you know, actually do stuff. This in turn leads to my mommy meltdown.

I have, however, learned in the past 10 months that I do not have all the answers and that I do not have this mommy thing completely figured out and that there just aren't enough hours in the day... and that is perfectly all right.
Listen, I would love to have the perfect little house in tidy condition 24/7. I would love to have 2 hours to dedicate to my blogging/photos each day. Heck, I'd love to just have 2 hours a day to do whatever it is that I want needs to be done. You see I love order. I like routine. I like to plan. I like to be "in the know." I like a clean house and I like for things to be organized. As of lately I am coming to terms that all of this well, "just ain't gonna happen". My house does not stay clean, I feel unorganized as much as I feel organized, I constantly feel as if I am trying to stay organized. I worry that I need to be exercising. I'm trying to plan a menu. Then I'm trying to find time to cook the meals on the menu. I am sleep deprived. I wish for more sleep. When I am in bed I am not sleeping because I think about all the other things that I need to be doing. Or I find myself writing imaginary blog posts that never happen because I don't jot them down and then forget about them the next morning because, hello? who has time to stop and write down thoughts before the day gets going?
You do? Really? Then please help. I don't have all the answers. Perhaps you would like to share yours, I'm not kidding. I'm all ears. If any of you out there would like to share how you stay on top of things/ plan your day/ get organized, etc. please type away. Or if you would just like to say I feel your pain and let loose your own frustration then by all means, type away my dear. You have a sister who understands.
I try, really I do. There are days when I feel like I have my ducks in a row but then there are others when I feel like my head is just above water. I'm just learning to go with it and not stress about things out of my control. How about you? How do you deal? What's your answer? How do you avoid those Mommy Meltdowns?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Who What Wear Wednesday

Chanel  Spring 2015 Couture
Welcome again to another Who What Wear Wednesday. Today is all about Fashion, since it is Couture Fashion Week in Paris.

The Designers of course but a few of my faves are Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel), Zuhair Murad, Dior, Versace & Giambattista.

While the clothes on the catwalk are stunning the looks on the street are just as eye-catching. Check out Tommy Tons images that he captured this week among the streets of Paris.
Here are a few of the shots that I enjoyed either because of the outfits or the photography.





I think it's obvious I'm gravitating toward the menswear looks. There are so many more amazing shots so be sure to check out the link. Fashion isn't a big deal around these parts, especially high end fashion. But I find it refreshing to see what others choose to dress themselves in around the world ya know? What are your faves?

Definition and pronunciation found here.
We still have shows happening today and tomorrow will wrap up the week. Below are a few looks from this year's runway that I drool over. Not that I would actually wear any of these in real-life. Not too often you need a ball gown or sequined suit down here in my neck of the woods. lol




Thoughts? Do you have any other designers or looks that make you swoon? Hope you have a great Hump Day.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Reset Button

Sawyer and I have both been sick this past week and he is cutting 4 teeth at one time. Oh what fun.

Sometimes I could really use a reset button. When the shit seems to hit the fan wouldn't it be nice to just hit that button and go at things a different way. Or when you wake up and from the time your feet hit the floor things just aren't going in your favor wouldn't it be nice to hit that reset button? Or when the baby is constantly crying and you are ready to pull your hair out you could just slap that reset button and be fresh as a daisy, not minding the crying at all. Or when your co-worker is on your last nerve or when your stressed to the max or when someone has pissed you off wouldn't it just be glorious to have that reset button on hand to make everything all better. Too bad this isn't reality. Until then I will just continue to count to 3 and pray to the good Lord to give me patience and hold my tongue. It's been one of those weeks. However, I'm staying positive and predicting this to be a fantastic week. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday where you don't even need to think about a reset button. 

How about another mother/son selfie. Notice all the clothes piled up behind us. Yeah, there are those days where crap just doesn't get done like you want....
P.S.- what you can't tell in this pic is that not only am I holding wildcat and taking a selfie but I am also pumping. A mom's gotta be able to multitask, right?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Miscarriage: It's a tricky thing.

Remember how I kind of disappeared late last year? Well part of that was due to all the holiday fuss and the fact that we have 8 birthdays and 2 wedding anniversaries between Oct. & Jan 7th but the other was because we had a miscarriage. Yeah, I know. No fun, no fun at all. While I'm not really ready to talk about it just yet on the blog I did read a post on Scary Mommy that I wanted to share with y'all. This hit home for me as someone who has now been on both sides. Miscarriage rocks your world like you wouldn't believe and I feel like I am a pretty tough cookie. Anyway, please take a second to visit the post. It's a quick read but so worth it.

On a much lighter note, today is my Friday. I'm looking forward to my extended weekend.
Lots of love to y'all!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Who What Wear Wednesday

Today's WWW Wednesday is fitness related. This is for all you ladies who are in shape or want to get in shape. Check it out!

WHO:  Ashley Horner
Ashley is a athlete, trainer, momma to 2 little boys and currently one of the fittest pregnant women you will ever meet. She is a daily inspiration for me and keeps it real! Follow her on FB & IG to get your own daily does of inspiration. She even has printable trainers available for sale that offer meal plans as well as workouts.

WHAT: Train Magazine - Train HER
I just learned about this one myself but it's always nice to have fitness information/resources geared towards us ladies, especially for us who love to lift heavy and train insane in the gym. Don't be afraid of the weights my dearies. Invoke that inner BEAST MODE. Apparently Train Magazine is releasing a TRAIN for HER edition inside the Train Magazine on January 20th. They also have a web-site full of info too. You can check that out here.

WEAR: Fabletics

 Want to rock fabulous attire for your sweat session? Check out Fabletics. It's co-founded by Kate Hudson and is a great way to keep your fitness wardrobe up-to-date. They have something appropriate for every type workout you can imagine.

It works like this....

You can find more information by hitting up the web-site here.

Of course it doesn't matter what attire you rock just get that workout excuses remember!
Have a great one.

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