Monday, December 15, 2014

Why do we visit Santa?

Good Morning y'all. I hope you had a great and wonderful weekend. Ours was pretty darn good. We did in fact see Santa, finished our Christmas shopping and enjoyed our Choirs Christmas Cantata Sunday morning. Sawyers little rash has left us, for now- good riddance! The countdown to Christmas is on. Bring it.

Yet, over the weekend I began to ponder the question- why do we take our "babies" to see Santa? (Sawyer is only 8 months) They can't talk, they have no idea who Santa is or any concept of being naughty or nice so why do we wait in that gosh awful line for hours to take our kid to sit on some strange guys lap? Sawyer didn't cry, in fact he was intrigued by Santa but my child usually stares everyone up and down and thoroughly studies them as if they are a science experiment before giving a smile of approval or the turn away if not. (man I wish I knew what he was thinking) Nonetheless, why do we? I guess it's just a right of passage? We want the picture of our child on the big guys lap to show them down the road? "See, you saw Santa." My husband can't even recall visiting Santa and is hoping Sawyer has no interest in visiting him in the years to come when he is old enough to voice his opinion. (mom will most likely overrule this one but we will cross that bridge when we get there) I guess for me I just feel like it's part of being a child. Christmas time means you go see Santa. And let's be real, there are only so many years you have to do this with your child before they are "too big" to pay the fat man in the red suit a visit. So what are your thoughts on taking your little one to see Jolly Old St. Nicholas? I'm interested to hear.

Happy Monday! 
If it weren't for this nap while waiting in line it would not have been a pleasant experience.
Momma easing back to see how Sawyer was going to react. Santa was getting the once over at this point. Either Sawyer was pleased or he really wasn't awake from his slumber in the stroller. Then snap, snap, snap and we were done. Santa did get a smile from Sawyer before we left and I think Santa was pleased he didn't have a screaming baby to deal with. 
The "official" Santa photo. I didn't dare attempt to remove the wubbanub for the picture.
Sawyer after Church. This kid is a ham.
As we all know he loves a wubbanub. This little guy should be crawling soon. He tries and tries and tries but just hasn't got the hang of it yet. Any day now but momma will def be on the move when he does.

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