Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Missed Ya!

Yeah, it's been a while. I swear this thing called life sure takes up a lot of time. I promise (scouts honor) that I really didn't meant to stay away this long. I have really missed you guys (*head drooped with pouty face) but never seem to be able to sit down and blog like I want to. And then it hit me, that's the problem. I will spend hours on a post editing, re-editing, re-reading, pick it apart, edit again, try to get just the right photos then make sure those photos are edited just right buuuutttt..... that's not REAL LIFE.  Now I know you are suppose to have eye-catching photos yada yada yada that keep readers intrigued. Well hell, I just don't have time for that, plain and simple. So pretty much you are going to see more raw, real life stuff. If that's not what you are looking for then you simply don't have to stick around (see what I did there? simply-wink wink) but I sure hope you do. And No I am not dissing those bloggers out there who do spend so much time on their blog posts because I stalk follow too many several amazing bloggers who do and honestly enjoy reading them (so please don't stop). I'm  just laying it out there that I do not have that amount of time in my schedule to do it. Now, if I wanted to stay up past midnight and still wake up at 4:00am, sure, I could hammer out 3-5 amazingly awesome posts a week but you know I kind of enjoy sleep when I can get it and pretty sure it is mandatory to survive.
see? this is me and sawyer with our sad face b/c we have been away so long
(and me sans make-up. how real is that?)

 Anywho, here again is my attempt to stop being such an organized procrastinator and just doing it, blogging consistently that is. I can't promise you the prettiest posts with the best images but I can promise real life from down here in the South and I'm sure a few chuckles here and there. BTW, I have so much crap to catch y'all up on. Life has been interesting here lately. I hope you are all getting pumped for Christmas, you know it's my favorite time of year!!! (not like it's a stressful or time consuming part of the year or anything)

 Until next time...which will be soon.

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