Friday, December 12, 2014

Love me some Baby Center

Seriously y'all this may be one of my most visited sites since we started talking about getting pregnant last year. With Sawyer running his first fever this past weekend I have been on the site pretty often reading about fevers and temperature in babies. Wow, I had NO CLUE about some of this stuff. Plus it helps to have a BFF who is getting her CRNP, lol.

If you are newly expecting or already have toddlers I would suggest that you check out this site. I'm sure many of you reading this currently know about the site but if you don't you should. And I am in no way getting endorsed/sponsored by them for this post. I just simply wanted to share something that I find helpful on a regular basis for all the mommas and future mommas out there.

It is so darn helpful and informative. It even has a community for moms so we can share information, advice and stories about our little ones. Baby Center will take you from trying to conceive to big kid status. Dads can even get in on the action as they have helpful resources for them as well. Anywho, there's my shout out and gratitude for the day. Thank you Baby Center for keeping this clueless momma in the know.

Hope you all have a great weekend. We are taking Saw-man to see Santa for the first time...unless this little rash he has turns into a big problem.

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