Friday, December 26, 2014

Calm after the Christmas Storm

Another Christmas has come and gone. We survived. This was Sawyers first Christmas so things were a little lot different. We hosted both sides of the family at our house this year. One for breakfast the other for lunch. Man was it a long and exciting day. Sawyer couldn't take his eyes off the rocking horse Santa brought but wasn't so sure about riding it. Not the same as riding daddy's knee. The food was good and plenty and the floor was covered in wrapping paper and boxes by the end of the day. The chaos was tiring but welcomed. I love spending time with our families and getting to fellowship with everyone. Sawyer hardly took a nap but stayed strong for the days events. My neice racked up on American Girl Doll stuff (including a 6ft doll house), art supplies and loom material galore. The nephew stocked up on clothes and everything x-box related. My Sister-in-law hooked me up with a couple of handmade slouchy beanies and a lovey (blanky) for Sawyer. It was a beautiful Christmas. Below are a few shots of the days adventures. 

Hanging with Uncle Kyle before the Christmas Eve fireworks.

Bundled up and ready for the Sasser's Annual Christmas Eve Fireworks. He could care less. All he wanted to do was sleep, until we got home of course.

Another family tradition. Putting together a puzzle on Christmas Eve.

Santa paid Sawyer a visit.

Christmas Morning! Excited about his toys!

Wildcat loved the wrapping paper as much as he did his presents.

Wildcat on wheels. Lookout everyone!!

Camera antics between the families departure and arrival.

Round 2.....Among the madness.

Still going strong with only one 20 minute nap.

The day is done, so are we. Time to crash.

Morning after. Now for a day of relaxation and no make-up.

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and enjoy a Happy New Year. Only 363 more days to go until we get to do it again. 

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