Friday, December 19, 2014

At My House Survey

I'm taking a cue from Carrots N Cake today and answering a Q&A from Good Housekeeping. I threw in a few other questions while I was at it. Head on over to Tina's blog if you want to read what she had to say.

Household chore I actually enjoy: washing dishes. It's a love/ hate thing really. I love a clean sink so it makes me feel good to have all the dishes done. I really enjoy organizing.

Biggest house disaster: Our entryway, ESPECIALLY during hunting season. This is where my husband stores leaves all his hunting stuff and where all of the shoes and bags collect.

Before company arrives, I hide: clutter. I can't stand clutter. These days it's mostly Sawyer's toys but if anything is laying out I try to put it away.

Most recent music download: Usually I listen to pandora or siriusxm online. I'm currently listening to Christmas carols, big surprise right? I think the last thing I bought was Ed Sheeran's album X.

The last thing I bought online: A second crib for Sawyer to put at Gigi's house. I love me some Amazon Prime!!

I hate to shop for: nothing, lol. I do hate to shop for picky people though, it stresses me out.

Favorite family ritual: going to watch the fireworks on Christmas eve.

I sleep in: depends on the time of year- usually a t-shirt

I have a style crush on: I love several. Gwen Stefani, Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Lawrence. I like simple classic looks with the occasional twist but I wouldn't mind raiding any of these ladies closets.

I'm currently reading: Whatever is in my bloglovin feed. I don't have time to read books right now. If I start a book I will stay up way too late reading and become an angry zombie. I think I need to do a day in the life post. hmmm.....

What's up with the ______trend? stealing from Tina & Jada- "Mommy Wars". I don't understand why we can't just all get along. Being a mom is hard enough without judgement from all the other mama's. Do what works for you and is best for you and your family and stop hating.

How did I ever live i-phone. I admit I am addicted.

I'm looking forward to....Sawyer's first Christmas and not having to breast pump anymore, jersey milk cow here. March=1 year, YAY!!

I am thankful health. It think this is something we all take for granted too often.

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