Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sawyer: 5 Months

So sue me, I was late on this one too. Enjoy!

We still are not sleeping through the night. In fact we have resorted to Tylenol. This is the first time Saw-man has had to have Tylenol for anything including when he gets shots. I hated to give it to him but do not want my little one in pain. His upper teeth are driving him nuts. I swear it feels like 4 or 5 are trying to come through. I took him to the Dr because I was scared he was getting an ear infection due to his constant fussing and pulling at his right ear…nope (thank you Lord) just pain from him teething. I will be glad when we are done with all this teeth crap. lol His sitting up is steadily improving and shows only little interest in trying to crawl. He has also unfortunately become fascinated with our iPhone’s. Although this is something we seriously plan to limit with our kids. (interesting article on this here) But we are grateful for this technology because face timing is the only way the Hubs gets to see Sawyer during the week since he works out of town. Anywho, Sawyer still enjoys the Baby Channel and his new favorites are Peekaboo & Little Vinny’s Art. Napping is a little better but buy does he still fight his sleep. His crib is still in our room but I am planning to move it back into his room somewhere after the 6month mark.


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