Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sawyer: 4 Months

Yes- I know this is late but it's my blog and I can do whatever I like. Kisses.

Our big little boy is cutting his bottom 2 teeth and is surprisingly dealing with it pretty well. We are rolling over more and starting to sit up better. He loves the baby channel, especially VocabuLARRY. I swear he gains a pound every day. He outgrows his clothes like crazy. I’m already putting him in 9months and forget buying for Christmas; I have no idea what size he will be in by then. Not to mention the fall and winter months here in south Alabama are erratic. We will seriously have 80 degree days and the next the high will be in the 40’s, not joking. We are introducing solids and I plan to make my own baby food but we will see how that goes with my schedule. Since introducing rice cereal (Beechnut Brand) he seemed constipated so I gave him some prunes- it worked. He didn’t seem to mind the prunes either. He made many very hilarious faces but ate them pretty well. So far we have attempted a few flavors of the Beechnut brand but nothing really tickles his fancy other than the rice cereal. We will keep trying. Napping or should I say Lack of napping is common for this guy. Cat naps seem to be his preference. And sleep at night is still interrupted. He usually wakes 1-3 times. Hoping this gets better as he gets a little older- fingers crossed. But I can’t get enough of my little man. Every day is a new adventure with this big little boy.

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