Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Gender Reveal

This time last year I was planning and plotting our gender reveal. My 20 week mark fell in November so I knew I wanted to incorporate a fall theme. I did not particularly care for the whole blue/pink idea so we went a different route. My husband and I both enjoy the outdoors and are hunters so I came up with the idea “buck or doe”. We used autumn d├ęcor and decided to have a no fuss outdoor low country boil and chili. Friends and family pitched in with setting up and food prep. We are very blessed, indeed.

The hubs and his friends handled the shrimp, potatoes and corn. We had long time friends, who we consider family, Mrs. Jama and her daughter Brittany make the cupcakes. My grandmother made pumpkin pie & butternut squash pie. My sister-in-law made her famous chili. My mother-in-law whipped up some cornbread and corn salad. And my best friend Misti cooked up heaping batches of cheese grits. (the best ever recipe) For drinks we served water and tea and sodas.

The event was to be held outdoors in November so we prepared to have the fire pit going and blankets and throws draped across the rocking chairs so everyone would be warm and cozy. Well we were warm alright. I believe it was in the 80’s that day- I. was. Sweating, or glistening as we say in the south.  But, it was a great day and we had a blast with all our family and friends and we found out we were having our little wildcat, Sawyer.

So, here’s an easy way to put together a fabulous Fall Gender Reveal.

We created chalkboards where people could cast their vote on whether or not it would be a boy or girl. This is the only pink/blue thing I used.

We made a list of all the Old Wives Tales and circled which one applied to my pregnancy. This was fun.

Shrimp, potatoes & corn on the cob. For the non-seafood eaters...Cheese grits and Chili. 

And of course Cornbread! 

 It wouldn't be fall without caramel and apples.

My grandmother's homemade butternut squash pie. 

My neice, Natalie, helping herself to some yummy pie and homemade cupcakes. 

I bought the cupcake wraps and pumpkin sticks from Hobby Lobby. I thought they turned out perfect.

I used the pumpkins I bought to decorate my yard. My sister-in-law added her stash of fall gourds and pumpkins as well so we did not have to purchase much extra.

We set up a table for my baby book. This was a gift from my childhood bestie when we found out we were expecting. 

This necklace was also handmade by a dear friend of mine. She mailed it to me not long after we received the good news our wildcat was on the way. You can find her here.

Love him. 

These are my amazing grandparents. They are the ones that have the amazing garden each year. 

I didn't want to cut a cake to find out what we were having so my sister-in-law and BFF ordered a pinata just for the occasion from etsy. We then had a friend take the card that had the gender written in it by the nurse who did the ultrasound and she stuffed it with either the blue or pink confetti/balloons we bought from party city.

Stringing up the pinata. 


 The card from the ultrasound tech. 

This is me and my best friend since we were brought home from the hospital. We have literally known each other our entire lives. 

My brother & sister-in-law giving me a big congratulations. Love them!
Brett grows his beard out every hunting season for "extra warmth" in the duck blind. He eventually begins to look Amish in my opinion but I love him nonetheless.

More of the delicious cupcakes. I mean these are literally better than some you will buy at bakeries. Everyone wanted to know where they came from. I told them-Jama's kitchen. lol

The boy votes won by the time we were ready to do the actual reveal.
Funny story but true- Brett & I knew we were having a boy before the ultrasound. He just had a gut feeling but I thought we were having a girl up until about week 14. We had the name Jackson picked out but I was having a change of heart because so many people have used that named recetnly. Well on the way to work one Friday Amy (my bestie above since birth) and I were talking about names and how I wanted to pick a new name. We discussed a few like Easton and Elias. That night Brett and I decided on Sawyer which neither of us had EVER mentioned before. Saturday morning I sent Amy a text and that said we had a name. She sent me a text back saying that night she had a dream that she was holding our baby and it was a little boy and she called him SAWYER!! Yeah! That Happened. SOOO, it was solidified that we were having a boy. I was not the least bit surprise to see that blue fall out of the pinata.

And this is my Momma-Jim. I love her to pieces. And man oh man can she throw down in the kitchen and grow a mean garden with my Daddy-Will. So proud of them.

We used burlap and fall colored leaves for decorating the tables as well. Just keep it simple and incorporate things from nature you would find during this time of year and you will have am easy yet beautiful fall themed gender reveal.

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