Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Nails

With summer upon us, it's time to up our game when it comes to our nails. Nail art and nail designs have been huge lately with so much focus on the unique mani. I started searching for my favorite summer color/look. Below are some of my favorites for le ole summertime.

#nail #unhas #unha #nails #unhasdecoradas #nailart #colorido #colorful #mexican  unhas Bijou Nail Mexican design.
In love with this look but way to froo-froo for me.

Summer Nails. Anchors Away
I really like this girly take on the nautical theme.
Summer Nails gradient!!! Can't wait to bring this back!
I little coral/pink ombre action is perfect for summer. Can we say sunset?
Spring and Summer Nail Designs
I adore this combination and really really like the base color.

fun red, white, and blue nails ... Colors: Chancer (Butter London), Kate (Julep), Spring Gentian (Priti NYC), Diamond Geezer (Butter London)
God Bless America and an on point mani. No but seriously though how awesomely patriotic is this for the 4th of July? And HELLO the 4th is on a Friday this year- 3 day weekend!! Whoot Whoot!
love these white stilleto nails - gorgeous!
WHAT THE?!?!?!  this is a def DON'T! I mean.....*smh
NARS Kutki Limited Edition (Tiffany Blue) Nail Polish
Did I mention I like this color? Well, I do. Very cool for a bright hot summer, don't ya think?

This is a really nice feminine pink/coral color for the summer time. 

Now as much as I love these looks above (minus the claw nails) I usually keep a neutral or solid color nail with bright toes in summer and dark in winter due to the nature of my job. So with the warmer weather and the increasing exposure of my little piggies the search was on for the prefect color for summer. I found it- Crushed Clementine by Maybelline. This is my ideal color for some fun in the sun toe action. I'm sorta obsessed with blood red and am not too fond of really pink colors, love a coral and need something with a little pOp for summah. Well this is a perfect combo. It's not orange, not too pink and just bright enough. Check it out.
Crushed Clementine- go buy it. You'll love it
This is my go to red color. I'm telling you it's the perfect red- for me anyway.

Now if anyone wants to come give me a mani/pedi at home I'm game because this momma sure don't have time to get one at this moment. See y'all soon.

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