Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sawyer: 3 Months

Sawyer turned 3 months yesterday and is still growing like crazy. I see it each morning as I drive him to Gigi's looking at him in his car seat through my rear view mirror-those subtle changes. Before I know it I'm going to have a toddler on my hands and my tiny boy will be no more. So I am enjoying it to the fullest as much as I can and trying to live in the moment and not take any small thing for granted. I'm one of those who will rush, rush , rush through everything unless I consciously remind myself to stop and take it in. 3 months are in the books and it has been some of the best 3 months-ever.

BTW - I've had a few expecting mothers ask my opinion on things I needed that I didn't get at showers and things I would suggest/not suggest, etc. so I'm working on putting together my 3 month essentials list to share with y'all. Stay tuned.

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