Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hubs First Fathers Day

With this being B's first Fathers Day I wanted to do something a little special. I have a cousin who is pretty talented when it comes to welding and wanted him to create a sign for B. I knew he had been wanting one for his shop but had no idea on size, design or where he even wanted it to hang so, in the process of trying to figure all that out without him discovering what I was up to I came up another idea which ended up being his first Fathers Day surprise. For those of you who know us or read my blog you know that we hunt- it is a passion for my husband. Well we both love bow hunting and had discussed building a permanent stand to hold our bow target so we could come outside and shoot whenever we wanted. After looking at several pics my cousin had sent of different signs the idea popped in my head and we rolled with it. He created the design and brought the image to life, so to speak. On Friday B's brother picked it up and hid it for me. (thank you very  much for that) On Saturday morning B woke to find his Father's Day card and a new shirt laying on the coffee table. Inside it told him to grab Sawyer and head out to the fig off we went with camera and Sawyer in tow.
B looking for his gift.

He found it.

Giving it a once over. He was shocked.
Btw, B hardly ever wears a shirt when at the house so I apologize for the nudity. lol

I made him put on his shirt that was with his card and take a pic. You can't really see it in the photo but there is a bow hunter in a tree stand with his bow's pretty sweet.

The target is scheduled to arrive soon. I will post an update once we get it in the ground. He was so stunned and appreciated that I had paid attention and put so much thought into it. I was giddy he was so happy with it and that we actually pulled off the surprise.

The rest of the weekend was very nice as well. Sawyer and I soon headed off to the Founders Day celebration in the town over and we spent the rest of the morning with family. Boy was it HOT but so much fun. It was nice just to all be together. That afternoon we fried fish and chicken over at B's parents. We had a great time and left with some stuffed bellies.

Sunday we headed to church with this sweet angel. I mean just look at those cheeks. Are they not the cutest? I know you want to give em a squeeze.

After ward we headed over to my grandparents for Sunday lunch. We had fried squash for the first time this year. (notice how we fry everything in the south?) My grandparents grow most of their vegetables so these were fresh out of the garden. Jealous? lol All the family came over and we ate and just sat around and enjoyed each others company. It's so hard just to slow down and sit these days. We all gave the Fathers their gifts and I wish I had taken a picture of the cards that my brother and me gave Dad. They weren't the exact same but basically had the same message- it was funny. We all had a chuckle.

Will-will chatting with the Saw-man. They are so proud of him and get so tickled watching him try to talk and smile. Melts my heart- great granddaddy and great grandson.

Here's to a successful and happy first Fathers Day. Now I will have to see what Sawyer and I can come up with next year. 

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