Friday, June 13, 2014

Dedication & Baptism

We had a pretty important week last month. I was baptized, received into the church as a member and baby Sawyer had his dedication before our congregation. Brett and I were both brought up Baptist and currently attend a pretty awesome church in the next town over. *Shout out to SLBC!* Anywho, Brett and I both knew without a doubt that we wanted to have Saw-man dedicated and I have been wanting to get baptized for a good while now but never stepped up. Well, we got word that our awesomely wonderful, intelligent and genuinely kind preacher had been approached by another church to become their full-time preacher. I know how great Brother Mike is so if they had any lick of sense they were going to snatch him up if it all possible. (sniffle, sniffle) It was like the Lord was saying Misty- do the thang before he gets gone. So that's just what I did. On Wednesday night I publicly professed my faith by baptism and finally became a legit member of our church.

One amazing man, right there.

Oh, the lessons this man has taught me alone.

That Sunday we dedicated Sawyer and vowed to raise him in a Christian home. I tell ya, having Saw-man just makes you want to get your crap together and live right. I'd do anything for that little man right there- walk through hell or high water! (that may be a southern saying...) It was a short and sweet dedication but special and meaningful none the less. We love our little boy so much.

Waiting for his Dedication.

Proud Parents!!

 just love him.

It was a truly awesome week. Our families were both there, which meant the world. My grandparents were so happy and proud. I was told my grandad had tears in his eyes when I got baptized. They are such warm and loving people and would do anything for you. Not to mention that my grandad plants a killer garden and my grandmother can throw down in the kitchen! We are truly blessed in so many ways and have so much to be thankful for. Family being one of the many. God is so good and gracious. Hope you have all had a great and blessed week.

Update- Our Pastor was in fact grabbed up by another church. (insert sobbing face here) While we are sad to see him go I know God has a plan for him and our church as well so I am anxious to see what road he leads us down next. I wish Brother Mike and his family all the best on their next journey. He will truly be missed!

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