Monday, June 9, 2014

Below are ten things I learned after surviving my first week back to work after having our first child. It wasn't pretty and it wasn't painless but by golly I survived!

1. you cry- lots!
2.  you are VERY sleep deprived. you thought you were sleep deprived while on maternity leave? HA! ha. ha-ha. just wait.
3. you get good at getting a routine so you can relish every possible second of sleep.
4. you cry some more.
5. you realize that some things just really aren't that important.
6. you become really good at giving yourself pep-talks....i CAN get out of bed... just X hours to go before you can see your little man....i WILL go back to work so my family is financially sound and because we aren't very good at seeing in the dark...
7. you learn that your newly acquired fantastic routine can go to hell in a hand basket real quick
8. you find yourself no longer pitying your husband because he has to sleep in a hotel bed each night but rather jealous because he works out of town and gets to go to bed at a decent hour. (I kid-but the thought does cross your mind)
9. you think about crying again but quickly realize you don't have the energy for it. it's pointless anyway because you will be waking up more delirious the next day than the day before and still taking your butt to work.
10. you find out just how hard it is to be a mom yet how strong and kick a$$ you are because of it.

So here's to all the kick a$$ moms out there. We are fierce- hear us roar or snore which ever is more fitting at the time you read this,

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