Friday, May 23, 2014

little moments

It's little moments like this that I love and make life seem so complete. As I stand at the sink, the mid morning sun creeping across the yard I wash bottles while my breakfast is cooking in the waffle iron. My little one is resting peacefully on his comfy bear mat to the sound of easy listening music flowing out of the iPad. (thank you iTunes radio) I literally experience elation and joy and love and gratefulness-something I hope you each experience on a regular basis. So I stop and take it truly appreciate moments like this and give thanks to the Man upstairs for blessing us so richly.

Oh how I wish I could have mornings like this everyday. Sadly, I must return to work in June but will take advantage of every moment with Saw man until then. I hope you will all stop, savor and appreciate those little moments in your life. Because before you know it your hit with several moments like below....

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