Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Acne during Pregnancy

You know how you are suppose to have "that glow" during pregnancy? Well it doesn't always turn out that way for everyone. I've suffered with acne for years now and was very anxious to see how that would go during pregnancy. Not to mention I found out about a year before we got pregnant that I also had eczema- that was great news. Anywho, I talked to my Dermatologist about us trying to conceive and he informed me that he was pretty conservative when it came to acne treatments for pregnant women and breast feeding women, which I absolutely intend to do. At that time I was currently taking an oral antibiotic and using Retin-A to treat my acne. All this had to stop once I became preggers. I admit I was sort of freaked. What was I going to do? My Doc recommended that I try Panoxyl face wash. I was several months into my pregnancy before I actually started using the wash so my face had worsened, but boy was I able to tell a difference. My skin is just as clear as it was when I was taking the antibiotics. Now I'm  not saying this will work for everyone but it's worth a shot. You can find Panoxyl at local drugstores for about $12. It's pretty strong stuff so I recommend just using it once daily  to begin with in order to avoid dry skin, especially during the winter. I use it at night along with my Aveeno moisturizer and use Ambi in the morning with my Cetaphil moisturizer. I also use Aveeno lotion for the rest of my body as it is my favorite and I have horribly sensitive skin. So give it a try if you have acne issues, pregnant or not.

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