Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pregnancy- what they don't tell you.


So you just found out you are expecting and are all consumed with ethereal thoughts of how you are about to grow life within your womb and bring a new being into this world..... Yeah that's all great and wonderful but just wait until reality hits along with all the things you weren't warned about during pregnancy. Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying pregnancy isn't a beautiful thing because it is and when it's all said and done you receive the most amazing gift ever! I'm just saying be warned that pregnancy is not all glitz, glam and the most wonderful nine months of your life- and for those of you who say it is you are either lying or are not normal to begin with, just kidding, a little. Anywho, I came across a post on Pregnant Chicken, which is without a doubt one of the funniest pregnancy/baby/mommy hood blogs out there, and knew I had to share. As an 8.5 months pregnant woman I wish I had been warned about some of these things before pregnancy, just so I would have been a little more prepared and had less WTF? moments. I'm not saying you will experience all 20 but a combination of many perhaps. I sure as heck did/do. One thing I will add that the list doesn't cover is that as I am approaching week 33 your little growing miracle baby bump becomes quiet cumbersome. I didn't realize just how unmanageable my little miracle would be. So just be prepared to struggle to move about during your later weeks in pregnancy. Getting out of the car-  getting out of bed- putting on your underwear- sleeping -BENDING OVER TO PICK UP SOMETHING YOU DROPPED- all uncomfortable and cumbersome!! But again, totally worth it in the end.

So from me to you- go check out the post HERE and get yo game face on for the next 9+ months of your life. Although, it doesn't really end there either. 
Hope you enjoy.

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