Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We. have. SNOW!

Yup! and even more ice. We rarely ever get snow here in South Alabama and most times when we do it is only a few flurries that never stick to the ground. But yesterday we had rain, snow and ice! which meant our state went into total freak out mode. People here just cannot drive when it comes to snow and ice. Granted, driving on ice is something we may only have to do a handful of times our entire life here in the South but we are just never prepared for it. We had people stuck on the interstate and sleeping in their cars, students stuck in schools because the buses couldn't drive them home and parents could not get to them and businesses that had to function as hotels because their employees could not leave because there was no way possible to make it to their house......sheesh! Not to mention all the wrecks up and down the highways. BUT, thankfully the Hubs and I made it home safely and we have been able to enjoy the snow and ice together with our boys. Here's what we've been up to since we've been snowed in.

The Hubs bought the boys some new treats. They did not last very long.

We cooked up some yummy grub. Venison stuffed Bell Peppers sprinkled with cheese and a side of brown rice.

After all the freezing rain, sleet and ice the snow finally arrived. We woke up to a winter wonderland. This is us outside at about 5am with the boys. They were loving it!

Brett went hunting, of course, and the boys and I kicked it inside where it was nice and warm. We all snuggled up in the recliner while I enjoyed a warm cup of coffee. We did venture back outside around lunch to play in the snow.

The old cabin on our property. So pretty.

Bump shot! I am 32 weeks today and feel HUGE!! And all the layers I have on just make me look even bigger, but I was warm!

The Hubs in front of our snow covered crib. This is the first snow in our new house.

He was ice skating here....I was praying he wouldn't fall.

Tiger kitty stopped by to say hello...and eat of course. I don't know where he goes or where he sleeps but he knows where to get fed.


Going after a snow ball.

The boys in action.

My little Drakers is such a mess. I got such a laugh at watching him prance around on top of the snow. He would leap and jump and run like crazy.

Drake really enjoyed eating the snow for some reason.

This is my entry way after all the fun in the snow. Can you tell I'm married to a hunter?

I whipped up a few chocolate covered pretzels later on. This is the Hubs favorite so I thought I would be domestic and make him something. They were a pain in the arse, but tasty!

Now I'm off to finish a few thank you cards from my shower and to get supper ready and to just sit around and enjoy the snowy view outside my window before it goes away for who knows how long. It may be 3 years or 10 before we see snow like this again so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. Hope you are all warm and cozy wherever you are this winter.

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