Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Ultimate Baby Registry

I have found something that I must share. It is the Mecca of Baby Registries. I wish I had thought of this myself because it is one genius idea. Baby List has created a one stop registry for all of us expecting mommas out there. You just log in, create your profile and add the BabyList link to your bookmarks. You can then add items from any on-line store to your registry. If the item can be purchased from different stores it even offers a feature where the purchaser can choose which store they would like to buy the item from. How cool and convenient is that? 
Oh and did I mention they are having a hell of a giveaway right now? Its called- The Best Baby Registry Evah!! and for good reason. They are giving away $5,000.00 worth of baby items and hey, we aren't talking crap items here either. They have some top of the line stuff on this list. So, what they heck are you waiting for? Go on over and enter the giveaway and get your registry started right now. Even if you are not preggers you can still register for this giveaway so get to clicking and let me know what you think about the Ultimate Baby Registry.

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