Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Expecting Mommy Wish List

We have 9 weeks left before little man arrives and I am counting down. I'm getting into that everything is huge, I can't hardly move, it hurts to walk, why does it feel like there is a weight on my chest, can you help me put on my boots, good Lord when will this be over, I will never do this again, crying for no reason, yet so happy stage. And still I'm told, "just wait, it gets worse" by so many that I'm trying to mentally prepare for what lies ahead so I won't completely drive the Hubs and myself  mad. Anywho, amongst all the hormones and mood swings and happy moments (there are plenty of those too) I have been compiling my baby registry in preparing for my new adventure as Mommy -Scary! I know.

If you follow my blog you will recall I wrote a few days ago about the most genius baby registry out there, Baby List, (click the name to visit the site, it's awesome!) and have since been adding things like wildfire. During this time of baby registry creating euphoria my sister-in-law, after reviewing the ever growing list herself, asked me what item I wanted the most.......insert record screech here... Are you kidding me!?! How do I even answer that? I just sort of sat there dumbfounded for a minute. It's bad enough to process easy information/questions due to my already impaired pregnancy brain (which is real people, it's real) so how could she ask such an impossible question to a 7 month pregnant lady?  Well, this got me to thinking- what would my essential baby items be if I had to list 10, not 1, but 10 items? So I thought I would create my list now and create a second list when Sawyer is 3 months old and compare the two. I'm wondering just how much I will need/use my Expecting Momma Wish List to my 3 Month Old Momma List. Here goes.

 There you have my top 10. What's on your list? Anything you think is a waste or absolutely need yourself? Let's hear it.

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