Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Who what wear wednesday

It's New Year's Eve Y'all!!! Bring on the field parties and back porch get togethers around the fire. That's how we usually celebrate in these parts anyway. No huge soirees here. Just a few folks gathering together to ring in the new year. We do have nice festivities in the "bigger" cities of sweet home Alabama but remember we are in the middle of no where. Mobile even has a wonderful MoonPie Drop to welcome the New Year, look out now.

And time for another Who What Wear Wednesday. You excited? I can see your excitement, or is that still bewilderment on your face from reading how we celebrate in these parts? No matter, moving on.

Times Women of 2014. Check out the list to see which 41 influential ladies made this years list.  Of course, Tay-Tay ruled the billboard. No surprise there. You can check that out here.
And last but not least, you. Give yourself a round of applause and treat yourself to something nice, you survived another year. Wow what a wild one it has been for this new momma so go ahead you deserve a little credit. Atta girl, way to go! Now go do something you enjoy.

duh! see above photo. It's New Year's Eve so celebrate. What are you guys getting into on the last night of 2014? How do you plan to ring in the new year? Can you believe it is already 2015? That's the year Marty Mcfly travels to in Back to the Future, say What?! I think I just dated myself there as well.

Anything and everything sparkly! because why? Again, see above photo. NYE calls for at least a little sparkle in your outfit even for this little bity town. Here are a few outfit inspirations for your NYE celebration where ever that may be and however you may be celebrating. You can add a little sparkle to any outfit.

For those of you like me who is going to be concerned with keeping warm tonight a no fail solution to add sparkle- a pin. You can place one on your coat, scarf or even in your hair.

Happy New Years Eve Y'all!! See ya next year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sawyer Update 7 & 8 Months

Boy time sure flies when your having fun or have an infant about. I can't believe Christmas has come and gone and that our "little" wildcat is already 9 months old. Here's what you've missed the past couple months.

We now have 4 teeth. The bottom two made their debut at 4 months but the top 2 front teeth greeted us at 7 months. He started eating table food but in small bits. We introduced the Gerber puffs to him and he can now feed himself. He will try pretty much everything we give him and so far the only thing I have found that he will not eat are beans, baby food version or from our plate. He also thinks that if we are eating he should be eating too. He likes to drink from our glasses as well but he only gets water or breast milk still. We started putting him in his high chair and eating all our meals around the kitchen table. Although this does not happen too often during the week since Brett is usually working out of town. His favorite right now is the puffs and he loves his oatmeal mixed with pretty much any type baby food fruit. I don't make much homemade baby food anymore since he is now eating/trying the table food. He's a pretty good chewer. The sippy cups have been introduced but he won't hold it himself, which he doesn't hold his bottle either. He can grasp it but it hasn't clicked that he has to turn it up and head back, lol.

Wildcat is wearing 12 month clothing for the most part, especially in sleepers. He does have several 9-12 month pieces that he can wear however. We already have a bin full of clothes he has outgrown and right at 9 months his too small drawer is again almost packed.

Crawling just really got started the week of Christmas but he figured out how to push himself up to a sitting position during the 7th month and began getting up on his knees rotating and sitting back down on his behind. He didn't roll, he would just perform that little maneuver to get to where he wanted to go. He crawls everywhere now and even tries to pull up here and there. 

Lil Vinny's Art and The Color Crew are a couple of his favorite shows on the baby channel and he loves the TV. We try to limit how much he watches because we want him to be able to entertain himself and not be glued to technology when he gets older. We stick to the baby channel so that makes me feel better since all their programs are educational. 

Peek-a-boo continues to be another favorite games of his and the babbling seems to multiply daily. He makes a particular noise when he is hungry and wants a bottle or wants to be fed more at the table.

Blocks! Blocks or anything you can stack is his favorite toy. He also likes clapping so he will clap pretty much anything together to make noise. It's also hilarious that he cannot stand for a stack of blocks to be left standing. If you stack it, he will come. He hauls butt across the floor to knock over whatever it is you have stacked. He thinks he has done something when he knocks them over. Sawyer also likes to throw.....any and everything. He can throw his little plastic ball pretty well and pretty hard, watch out. His favorite toy he received from Santa would be the screwdriver from his felt tool set. He has crawled all over the house with that screwdriver in tow.

It's so exciting to see how much he changes and grows from month to month. My little man will be grown before we know it.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Calm after the Christmas Storm

Another Christmas has come and gone. We survived. This was Sawyers first Christmas so things were a little lot different. We hosted both sides of the family at our house this year. One for breakfast the other for lunch. Man was it a long and exciting day. Sawyer couldn't take his eyes off the rocking horse Santa brought but wasn't so sure about riding it. Not the same as riding daddy's knee. The food was good and plenty and the floor was covered in wrapping paper and boxes by the end of the day. The chaos was tiring but welcomed. I love spending time with our families and getting to fellowship with everyone. Sawyer hardly took a nap but stayed strong for the days events. My neice racked up on American Girl Doll stuff (including a 6ft doll house), art supplies and loom material galore. The nephew stocked up on clothes and everything x-box related. My Sister-in-law hooked me up with a couple of handmade slouchy beanies and a lovey (blanky) for Sawyer. It was a beautiful Christmas. Below are a few shots of the days adventures. 

Hanging with Uncle Kyle before the Christmas Eve fireworks.

Bundled up and ready for the Sasser's Annual Christmas Eve Fireworks. He could care less. All he wanted to do was sleep, until we got home of course.

Another family tradition. Putting together a puzzle on Christmas Eve.

Santa paid Sawyer a visit.

Christmas Morning! Excited about his toys!

Wildcat loved the wrapping paper as much as he did his presents.

Wildcat on wheels. Lookout everyone!!

Camera antics between the families departure and arrival.

Round 2.....Among the madness.

Still going strong with only one 20 minute nap.

The day is done, so are we. Time to crash.

Morning after. Now for a day of relaxation and no make-up.

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and enjoy a Happy New Year. Only 363 more days to go until we get to do it again. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

At My House Survey

I'm taking a cue from Carrots N Cake today and answering a Q&A from Good Housekeeping. I threw in a few other questions while I was at it. Head on over to Tina's blog if you want to read what she had to say.

Household chore I actually enjoy: washing dishes. It's a love/ hate thing really. I love a clean sink so it makes me feel good to have all the dishes done. I really enjoy organizing.

Biggest house disaster: Our entryway, ESPECIALLY during hunting season. This is where my husband stores leaves all his hunting stuff and where all of the shoes and bags collect.

Before company arrives, I hide: clutter. I can't stand clutter. These days it's mostly Sawyer's toys but if anything is laying out I try to put it away.

Most recent music download: Usually I listen to pandora or siriusxm online. I'm currently listening to Christmas carols, big surprise right? I think the last thing I bought was Ed Sheeran's album X.

The last thing I bought online: A second crib for Sawyer to put at Gigi's house. I love me some Amazon Prime!!

I hate to shop for: nothing, lol. I do hate to shop for picky people though, it stresses me out.

Favorite family ritual: going to watch the fireworks on Christmas eve.

I sleep in: depends on the time of year- usually a t-shirt

I have a style crush on: I love several. Gwen Stefani, Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba, Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Lawrence. I like simple classic looks with the occasional twist but I wouldn't mind raiding any of these ladies closets.

I'm currently reading: Whatever is in my bloglovin feed. I don't have time to read books right now. If I start a book I will stay up way too late reading and become an angry zombie. I think I need to do a day in the life post. hmmm.....

What's up with the ______trend? stealing from Tina & Jada- "Mommy Wars". I don't understand why we can't just all get along. Being a mom is hard enough without judgement from all the other mama's. Do what works for you and is best for you and your family and stop hating.

How did I ever live i-phone. I admit I am addicted.

I'm looking forward to....Sawyer's first Christmas and not having to breast pump anymore, jersey milk cow here. March=1 year, YAY!!

I am thankful health. It think this is something we all take for granted too often.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Why do we visit Santa?

Good Morning y'all. I hope you had a great and wonderful weekend. Ours was pretty darn good. We did in fact see Santa, finished our Christmas shopping and enjoyed our Choirs Christmas Cantata Sunday morning. Sawyers little rash has left us, for now- good riddance! The countdown to Christmas is on. Bring it.

Yet, over the weekend I began to ponder the question- why do we take our "babies" to see Santa? (Sawyer is only 8 months) They can't talk, they have no idea who Santa is or any concept of being naughty or nice so why do we wait in that gosh awful line for hours to take our kid to sit on some strange guys lap? Sawyer didn't cry, in fact he was intrigued by Santa but my child usually stares everyone up and down and thoroughly studies them as if they are a science experiment before giving a smile of approval or the turn away if not. (man I wish I knew what he was thinking) Nonetheless, why do we? I guess it's just a right of passage? We want the picture of our child on the big guys lap to show them down the road? "See, you saw Santa." My husband can't even recall visiting Santa and is hoping Sawyer has no interest in visiting him in the years to come when he is old enough to voice his opinion. (mom will most likely overrule this one but we will cross that bridge when we get there) I guess for me I just feel like it's part of being a child. Christmas time means you go see Santa. And let's be real, there are only so many years you have to do this with your child before they are "too big" to pay the fat man in the red suit a visit. So what are your thoughts on taking your little one to see Jolly Old St. Nicholas? I'm interested to hear.

Happy Monday! 
If it weren't for this nap while waiting in line it would not have been a pleasant experience.
Momma easing back to see how Sawyer was going to react. Santa was getting the once over at this point. Either Sawyer was pleased or he really wasn't awake from his slumber in the stroller. Then snap, snap, snap and we were done. Santa did get a smile from Sawyer before we left and I think Santa was pleased he didn't have a screaming baby to deal with. 
The "official" Santa photo. I didn't dare attempt to remove the wubbanub for the picture.
Sawyer after Church. This kid is a ham.
As we all know he loves a wubbanub. This little guy should be crawling soon. He tries and tries and tries but just hasn't got the hang of it yet. Any day now but momma will def be on the move when he does.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Love me some Baby Center

Seriously y'all this may be one of my most visited sites since we started talking about getting pregnant last year. With Sawyer running his first fever this past weekend I have been on the site pretty often reading about fevers and temperature in babies. Wow, I had NO CLUE about some of this stuff. Plus it helps to have a BFF who is getting her CRNP, lol.

If you are newly expecting or already have toddlers I would suggest that you check out this site. I'm sure many of you reading this currently know about the site but if you don't you should. And I am in no way getting endorsed/sponsored by them for this post. I just simply wanted to share something that I find helpful on a regular basis for all the mommas and future mommas out there.

It is so darn helpful and informative. It even has a community for moms so we can share information, advice and stories about our little ones. Baby Center will take you from trying to conceive to big kid status. Dads can even get in on the action as they have helpful resources for them as well. Anywho, there's my shout out and gratitude for the day. Thank you Baby Center for keeping this clueless momma in the know.

Hope you all have a great weekend. We are taking Saw-man to see Santa for the first time...unless this little rash he has turns into a big problem.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Missed Ya!

Yeah, it's been a while. I swear this thing called life sure takes up a lot of time. I promise (scouts honor) that I really didn't meant to stay away this long. I have really missed you guys (*head drooped with pouty face) but never seem to be able to sit down and blog like I want to. And then it hit me, that's the problem. I will spend hours on a post editing, re-editing, re-reading, pick it apart, edit again, try to get just the right photos then make sure those photos are edited just right buuuutttt..... that's not REAL LIFE.  Now I know you are suppose to have eye-catching photos yada yada yada that keep readers intrigued. Well hell, I just don't have time for that, plain and simple. So pretty much you are going to see more raw, real life stuff. If that's not what you are looking for then you simply don't have to stick around (see what I did there? simply-wink wink) but I sure hope you do. And No I am not dissing those bloggers out there who do spend so much time on their blog posts because I stalk follow too many several amazing bloggers who do and honestly enjoy reading them (so please don't stop). I'm  just laying it out there that I do not have that amount of time in my schedule to do it. Now, if I wanted to stay up past midnight and still wake up at 4:00am, sure, I could hammer out 3-5 amazingly awesome posts a week but you know I kind of enjoy sleep when I can get it and pretty sure it is mandatory to survive.
see? this is me and sawyer with our sad face b/c we have been away so long
(and me sans make-up. how real is that?)

 Anywho, here again is my attempt to stop being such an organized procrastinator and just doing it, blogging consistently that is. I can't promise you the prettiest posts with the best images but I can promise real life from down here in the South and I'm sure a few chuckles here and there. BTW, I have so much crap to catch y'all up on. Life has been interesting here lately. I hope you are all getting pumped for Christmas, you know it's my favorite time of year!!! (not like it's a stressful or time consuming part of the year or anything)

 Until next time...which will be soon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Who What Wear Wednesday

Holy Smokes I cannot believe it's already time for another Who What Wear Wednesday. It literally feels like I just posted last weeks. Where is the time going? I swear it has been so Chaotic around our parts lately. Anywho, in honor of Halloweek I have a Halloween Edition of Who What Wear Wednesday. Lets get to it.

WHO: Josh Sundquist

Man, what an inspiration- in life and how to make great Halloween costumes. Check out his genius ideas below. Talk about making the best of your situation. I think we could all learn something from this guy.


Josh Sundquist: Best Halloween Costume

WHAT: Trick or Treating & the World Series

When does your town trick or treat? Since our town loves us some football and our team plays on Friday night we are having Trick-or-Treating on Thursday night. I can't wait as this will be Sawyer's first Halloween. My town is crawling with little critters, demons, monsters and princesses too on this night. It's a guaranteed sugar high for all. But what about those kiddos with food allergies? Turns out they can enjoy in the fun as well. Just check out this article: here. Does your little one have any food allergies? Do you allow your kid to stuff themselves on candy or do you limit the intake and spread out the yummy sugarness among the next few days?

Ok, so baseball is not Halloween related but the World Series is tonight, right in the middle of Halloween Week and I love a good underdog story. I'm not really a baseball fan and could care less about what team wins this each year but tonight I am rooting for the Kansas City Royals!!

WEAR: Easy Halloween Costumes

3 Blind Mice & Office Appropriate

The Classic Audrey Hepburn & Office Appropriate as well.

Gypsy, Fortune Teller & Pirate
I'm going as one of these for our office Costume Competition on Friday because I had everything in my closet and made my accessory so it literally cost me nothing!

Who doesn't love Mary Poppins.

Rosie the Riveter. Classic & so pretty.

Lauren Conrads take on Mary Poppins. Who said you couldn't update the look?

Love this Minnie Mouse.

I'm a huge fan of "A League of Their Own" so I instantly fell for this idea. I may have to keep it in my arsenal for future costumes.

And here's a cute couple costume idea. Is your Hubby as picky as mine about dressing up for Halloween?

And I will leave you with one additional non-halloween related W today.

WTF: Bear Selfies!?

Come on folks. Really? Really!?? I mean I don't even have words for this other than sometimes you get what's coming...

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