Monday, December 16, 2013

making my list, checking it twice...

Now that I've established my love and adoration for Christmas in my previous post, I have to make a confession.... I get out of control this time of year  -  with my spending that is. I always have great ambitions and goals of setting a Christmas budget and sticking to it and then it happens....I enter the stores or click on that link and WHAM! I need this for this person and that for that person and oh my niece will look so good in this and my nephew could really use that and my budget is no longer in existence. Then I feel the guilt because I have spent more on this person so I buy a little more for the other to even the gifts and make myself feel better. And I honestly do feel good about buying and giving to others, I would buy more if I could because I loooove buying things and wrapping them and watching the faces of the recipient as they open them. However, when I then look at my checking account I have another realization-  where the heck did all my money go?! So, with that being said I am dedicated to set and stick to my Christmas budget this year. To do this I have taken a cue from one of my dear friends and created a wait for it...Christmas Spreadsheet! and this year I will make my list and check it twice and not stray away on all the pretty and shiny distractions.

Here is a sample of my spreadsheet I created to stay on budget.

What do you guys use to keep track of your Chirstmas & Holiday spending? Got any suggestions to try for next year?

Here's a little list checking inspiration with some puppy love thrown in. I knew Santa loves yellow labs too.

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