Monday, October 14, 2013

Thing for organization stuff

So I have a slight addiction. I admit it. I love love love any and all things to do with organizing. I could literally loose myself in organization blogs and how to's all day long. I love post it notes and dividers and labels and markers and trays for making things just oh so accessible. Call it what you will, but I am not ashamed. With all this being said as I was recently stalking reading Pink Lou Lou, one of my favorite blogs,  I noticed in one of her pictures a planner/organizer. While everyone else was commenting on the bag (which was a gorgeous Michael Kors bag that I absolutely and totally love and would rock any day of the week) I HAD to ask about the planner. PLL kindly responded and introduced me to the amazing and addicting Erin Condren. It only took me about 4 days before I made my first purchase. And that's only because it took me that long to narrow down my favorites to one. Hey, a girl's got to review her options and make the best choice...

My life planner is on it's way.

It's my intentions to use this planner to track Baby Greens' feeding, growing, etc, etc. along with all my other adventures.I will keep you all posted. I know you are just dying of anticipation, right?

Go ahead and visit her site and order away if you have any sort of addiction as I do. Or if you just need a pretty planner.


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