Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Obsession with Red Hair

I have an obsession with red hair. If you follow my TRESSES board on pinterest this obsession is somewhat evident. 

I have been a blonde for the majority of my life but recently took the leap and went from blonde to red, albeit a suddle one, sort of.

I started out with a more brownish red and fell in love.....

When I added blonde highlights back to it I absolutely hated it so I thought, what the heck, let's go all over red! This was the immediate result.

We also found out the following weekend that we were expecting Baby Green. So I thought I would play it safe and wait until my second trimester before we colored it again. As I'm sure most of you know red color fades FAST so my hair was pretty much a brunette with hints of red in the sunlight by the time my second trimester rolled around. I sent my stylist an inspiration picture of the color I wanted...........

 and before ya knew it I was red again.

Oh and I also got bangs. I love them and hate them- they are currently growing out and I am happy with that. I forgot how much of a hassle bangs are, although they are a fun way to mix up your hair style. 
I have also been in the process of growing my hair out since late last year. (2012) It was pretty short and has gotten pretty long. 

My goal was Kardashian length, but I'm getting the urge to cut it again. I'm afraid once baby gets here I will make the chop, as short hair is so much quicker and easier to manage. I also plan to gradually introduce blonde back into my hair after Baby Green's arrival since that will be in the spring. 

What do you think? Do you like the blonde or red? Short or long?

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