Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Breakfast Club

If you are an 80's babe, you more than likely know what I am talking about. If not, The Breakfast Club is not a group who meet for breakfast. It is rather one of my favorite movies from one of my favorite decades, THE AWESOME 80's. Ok, ok so maybe the styles weren't the greatest but they sure have made a noticeable come-back. Anywho, I am a babe of 1985 and LOVE this movie along with Dirty Dancing & Crocodile Dundee which were also released in the late 80's. This was also the John Hughes era with film & how great was he? (if you don't know who John Hughes is, shame on you. google him!)


As I was listening to the radio on my ride in to work this morning the DJ's were discussing notable moments of the 80's. Then as I sat down at my desk and opened up my internet I see this article pop up on yahoo about the lovely Molly Ringwald. (again, if you don't know-shame & google my friend) So all this 80's talk made me nostalgic of times past, even though it feels like just yesterday. It's freaky to think items I wore in the 80's are now considered vintage...EEK! I guess I really am a grown-up now, or am suppose to be anyway. Well, I just had to share my little trip down memory lane this morning. Do you have any favorite 80's moments or hold on to significant music or film memories from this time? Oh the memories that are flooding in as I type this.....I can honestly say I'm one blessed gal.

Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club

Hope you all take a moment to reminisce on the days passed and may those thoughts make you smile and realize how much the simple things truly matter. Happy Tuesday!

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