Wednesday, March 13, 2013

She's so MAJ!

If you are wondering what the heck my title means then it is obvious you are not familiar with Rachel Zoe from The Rachel Zoe Project. I'm SUCH A HUGE FAN! I am finally, repeat FINALLY able to watch her show as it airs since I switched to DirectTV and a package that includes BRAVO. ( I know, I know...why have I not had BRAVO until now?...long story- not getting into it) Anyway, her show airs at 8pm central on Wednesday nights & I am obsessed. She started out as a stylist and still is (hello!?... she styles Jennifer Lawrence & Anne Hathaway- we know how I feel about those two ladies) but has recently started her own clothing line as well. And I love me some Rachel Zoe Designs! Anywho, if you love anything to do with clothes, shoes, fashion, design or just plain drama then you will enjoy her show. I mean this woman came from nothing: fighting her way into the shows during fashion week and now styles the stars, has her own clothing line, a multimillion dollar business and not to mention the cutest little boy who has a heck of a wardrobe. And don't let me forget about her husband, Roger, I mean this guy is incredible. He runs the "business" side of her company and is obviously a heck of a business man but, is one heck of a husband and Papa to boot. You can tell he loves and worships his wife or else I don't think he'd stick around. I mean Rachel is hella crazy and he just rolls with it.........just watch the show and you'll see what I mean.

Notice the blurred out face of security gaurd in the background? That's not for Rachel but, for the MILLIONS of dollars worth of loaned out jewelry you see on the table there. Nothing MAJ, just another day at work....

In the Rachel Zoe Studio. Decisions, decisions...

I think we need more shoes.
Always stylish even with baby in tow.

Momma Zoe. Look at that adorable babe!

Power Couple. Gotta love some Rodg.

The Rachel Zoe.

So, are you a fan of Rachel Zoe? Do you watch her show or follow her work?
I think she's BA-NAN-AS! ;)

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