Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Are you a Nasty Gal kinda girl?

Chill. It's a clothing web-site, although, it use to actually be a pornography site but is no more...

Nasty Gal

So let me tell you how I stumbled upon Nasty Gal. I was on the very addictive and utterly amazing site pinterest, when a dark haired, very pregnant beauty caught my eye. She was sporting a stunning  outfit consisting of a sheer leopard blouse knotted right above her baby bump over a solid black maxi. The description read "blog with adorable 'maternity' outfits. this could def come in handy one day!" So I pinned away to my "Oh baby baby" board and went on my way. After actually opening the pin, it linked me to a wonderful blog which I now follow, THE HONEYBEE, by the lovely Andee Layne. After reading the comments on the post she informed her followers that she purchased the top from Say WhAt!?! What type of clothing am I going to find there? Well, as it turns out, lots & lots of styles that I love! I bought a gorgeous leopard print scarf that is a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe.  I receive so many compliments on it every time I wear it, however, I must admit that when asked where I purchased it from I was hesitant to reply "Nasty Gal". (This is where I would try to keep from blushing. Keep in mind I do live the very deep south and in a very small-town to boot. Eyebrows were raised, ok?) Anywho, I will no longer hesitate to answer any inquiries about my purchases from Nasty Gal after reading the Naughty in Name Only article by Forbes on Nasty Gal's founder, Sophia Amoruso. Call it girl power or whatever but her story is very inspiring and empowering to me. So you know what, screw all the nay-sayers and haters. If you are looking for something fresh and original, give her site a go. I'll admit I don't & couldn't wear some of the looks sold on the site but any fashion loving gal is bound to find something they covet on there. So if you have never stopped by Nasty Gal, give it a whirl. You'll be surprised at what ends up in your tote. And if you're wondering why she named her store Nasty Gal, then you need to read the article. Happy Shopping!

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