Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bama Bow Season

Bow Season started this past Monday here in Alabama & I am super excited. I know most of you ladies are thinking, "What the heck?!", but I love shooting my bow & truly enjoy hunting. Don't knock it until you try it... Anyway, the hubs & I hit our stands early that morning to see if we could smoke a nice buck or at least get some venison for the freezer. We both struck out, but Brett did see a few young bucks that afternoon playing in the food plot he was sitting over. We'll hit the woods again this weekend. Wish us luck! 

It was a pretty sunrise that morning.
Sitting in the stand. Sure wish that field had a few bucks in it......only saw red birds.

I always enjoy a touch of pink.
Going to be a beautiful sunset to an awesome day.
My ThermaCELL! You do not hunt in South Alabama without one of these or you'll die of Malaria. We don't just have mosquitoes here, we have pterodactyl mosquitoes. I'm talking bit through your camoflauge pants, attack you in swarms mosquitoes. Always, always have your ThermaCELL packed!

Wanted to share a pretty shot of the sky on the way home from hunting that evening. The stars were starting to shine & there was an eerie but spectacular glow from the sun setting. This is just another perk of living in the country. Like I said, it's the simple things. 
Do any of you ladies out there enjoy hunting? If so, what type game do you prefer to hunt?
Love to hear from y'all.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Greens

 Meet my husband. He's my Champ! We've been married for almost 5 years now. My how time flies. God truly blessed me with this man. He puts up with me no matter what - even when I always have to be right or  we spend 30 minutes arguing about him not  closing drawers or picking up his socks we always seem to end up laughing with each other.  He loves me & I him!


This is Duck & Drake. They are our babies. It saddens me to say that we lost our Duck Commander about 2 weeks ago. We are still heartbroken and grieving his passing. It was very sudden & tragic & he left us too soon. Duck was my husband's shadow since he was a pup. He went with us everywhere and was an excellent duck hunter & retriever. (and yes ladies I enjoy duck hunting and I accompany my husband as often as possible) We love you Duck. You will be missed! Drake is our little boy who thinks he's a rottweiler. But he's just as sweet as he can be & loves his momma. See that rope in the picture? That's Drakes rope & if you stop by I'm sure you will get the opportunity to throw it for him.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shrimp & Grits

Wanted to make a quick Shrimp Dish tonight & was craving what better than Grits! These aren't just any grits. These are some migh-ty fine cheese grits. Yummm!!

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